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Meet The Owner

Meet Ewa, a Licensed Esthetician, Master in Fine Arts and sole-owner of beauty salon BioLife Organic Spa, 2753 N. Ashland Ave., in Chicago.

A skin care therapist, who has been performing cosmetic treatment of the skin for patrons in New York, Southern California and most recently in Chicago and the northwest suburbs. Ewa received extensive training before launching her career as a skin care specialist a decade ago.

She has earned eleven skin care certificates, principally from the Eminence Skin Care Training Program and New Age Spa Institute in Des Plaines, Illinois, ranging from laser treatment, make up care and anti-aging procedures to peels, waxing, eyelash extension, eyebrow extensions, detox foot spas, body wraps and sunless tannings.

Before returning to Chicago and opening beauty salon BioLife Organic Spa, she spent three years in New York and California applying make up for female models in preparation for high profile fashion shows, motion picture sets and video shoots. Ewa is a consummate professional whose attention to detail has enabled her to treat and enhance countless faces while building a customer following consisting of high profile professionals.

Drop in today at BioLife Organic Spa, say hello to Ewa, Chicago’s leading esthetician and sit for a free consultation.