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Special Events

Special Occasions for Adults and/or Children Alike at the BioLife Spa.

A Birthday for Mom and Friends!

A Birthday for Daughter and Friends!

A Special Outing for Mom and Daughter!

Bachelorette Party!

Or Simply a Fun-filled, Refreshing, Invigorating and Relaxing Session at BioLife Organic Spa.

For the Moms.

Reserve an hour or as many as you like for you and your friends at our beauty salon to indulge yourselves in our many specialties: Body Wraps, Eyelash Extensions, Organic Facials, Organic Spray Tans, Makeup Applications and much, much more…..

And should the special occasion call for it? A Birthday or Anniversary. Do not forget to bring the appropriate finger foods, sandwiches or beverages of your choice while indulging yourselves in a BioLife treatment administered by experienced BioLife professionals.

For the Pre-Teens.

Whether Mom and Daughter. Or Daughter and Friends, there is the facial treatment, again administered by the Midwest’s top estheticians.

Call BioLife Today for More Information. Our Beauty Salon Prices are Competitive. We Offer Group Discounts.

Again, for that Special Occasion, Treat Yourself and Others to a One-of-a-Kind, Unforgettable Outing.