Spray Tan Preparation



-Shower, Shave, and Exfoliate 8 hours or more prior to session.   You want your skin to be thirsty and have the “tan” soak into your skin more.

-Make sure your skin is free of any lotion, moisturizer, perfume, makeup, and deodorant as they can all affect the result of your tan.  A barrier could be applied to the nails at session.

-Get your manicure or pedicure one day or more prior to appointment

-Avoid having a waxing, facials, and dermabrasions within one day before your treatment

-Put hair up so it is not touching the face and neck

-Remove all jewelry before getting airbrushed

-Avoid wearing wool, lycra, nylon, spandex, synthetic fabrics and silk, during or immediately following treatment as DHA may stain them.  Whether you wear just skivvies or a swimsuit try to choose darker colors.