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Spray Tan/Sunless Tanning

Sunless Tanning

Get your perfect summer glow!


Spray Tan/Organic tanning airbrushed by hand. Sunless tanning products give your skin a tanned glowing look without exposing it to harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays.

Our Beauty Salon members have been perfecting the art of airbrush tanning for over 10 years and pride ourselves in producing a rich radiant tan without the risk of sun damage or cancer. Our solutions are FDA-approved DHA-based products.


-Shower, shave and Exfoliate 8 hours or more prior to the session.   You want your skin to be thirsty and have the "tan" soak into your skin more.



-Make sure your skin is free of any lotion, moisturizer, perfume, makeup, and deodorant as they can all affect the result of your tan.  A barrier could be applied to the nails at the session.

-Get your manicure or pedicure one day or more prior to the appointment

-Avoid having a waxing, facials, and dermabrasions within one day before your treatment

-Put hair up so it is not touching the face and neck

-Remove all jewelry before getting airbrushed

-Avoid wearing wool, Lycra, nylon, spandex, synthetic fabrics, and silk, during or immediately following treatment as DHA may stain them.  Whether you wear just skivvies or a swimsuit try to choose darker colors.

Maximize your Tan

Post care

-It is recommended that you wait a minimum of 8 hours to shower after your tan.  If you can wait 12 hours for a deep glow. This will give the DHA enough time to fully set in.  Showering sooner will lessen the intensity of your tan. Once you shower you will see the cosmetic bronzer come off in your shower; this is normal, it is just the excess solution coming off.  Your first shower should be a lukewarm, quick shower to rinse off the excess airbrush solution. Take showers, no before and no later than 24 Hours!

-Hold off on working out, doing lots of physical activity, swimming, going in hot tubs, saunas,  basically anything having to do with water and sweating until after your first shower. No perfumes, deodorants, or any substances on the body before showering!

-Wear dark, loose-fitting cotton clothing 8 hours following your tan while your tan develops.  Do not wear tight bra straps, sports bras, or tight shoes and socks while your tan is developing.

-When bathing does not exfoliate or scrub hard with a washcloth on your skin.   Use a mild shower gel.  Pat your skin dry with a towel do not rub.  Moisturize twice daily.

-PLEASE ASK IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS! Your BioLife Beauty Artist will happily explain all the maintenance tips to you at the time of your tan.  The more you can follow the tips the better your results will be.

Please don’t forget to properly tip your beauty artist. Google or Yelp reviews are highly appreciated.

Thank You. We wish you a wonderful day.