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Thermojet Infrared Body Wrap

Thermojet MORFOLOGIC*****
Infrared Body Slimming Wrap

Burn 1,200-1,800 calories per treatment while reducing the appearance of cellulite over time, aiding in lymphatic drainage and calming the body.
Thermojet Morfologic is a healthy, non-invasive, therapeutic body contouring body treatment. The thermojet can perform fat burning works from the deep fat layers to the outer layers by breaking down and releasing fat, toxins, and excess body water as you perspire. It emits infrared rays with a frequency of 8,000 Angstroms. This energy penetrates to the subcutaneous fat, stimulating the metabolism of the fat cells and improving the circulation. The infrared rays increase the body temperature, stimulating cellular chemical and metabolic reactions globally.


*Stimulating the metabolism
*Increased the body’s energy -consumption
*Promotes inch and -weight loss
*Improves circulation
*Detoxifies the tissue
*Smooths -appearance of cellulite
*Relaxes -muscles and nerves
*Improves the -appearance of skin

1 Hour Treatment - $125

Package of 4 - $459

Package of 8 - $799

Thermojet infrared body wraps is a European product. This treatment is designed to burn 1,200–1,800 calories—the equivalent of running 3- 5 miles during a 40-minute period. Infrared wraps target deep layers of the dermis by emitting infrared waves, which aim to increase circulation while assuaging sore muscles, joints, and tissues while requiring zero downtime. The machine aids in weight loss and body contouring, decreases the appearance of cellulite, blemishes and acne, promotes pain relief and detoxifies the body.

It is a thermolipolysis appliance- a system that uses short and long infrared waves to penetrate the dermis, hypodermis and deeper fat layers. The increased body temperature increases the metabolism and circulation, burning fat. Silicone wraps trap the heat, targeting deep layers of your skin 4-6 centimeters into the tissue, breaking down fats into a liquid form allowing secretion of body water, toxins and fat as you perspire. In a similar fashion the process works diminishing the appearance of cellulite promoting the body to sweat, clearing those cellulite pockets. After using the Thermojet, an individual should notice cleaner skin and a difference in its elasticity. The sweat induced from the heat therapy helps the body purge impurities and leaves it with a soft feeling. The infrared heat also helps muscles and joints and can be used for osteo-articular and muscular treatments. The dry heat helps to alleviate cause and symptoms of aches, pain and general soreness.